Manufacture of wooden stairs

Our idea
The background for this is the invention of adaptable stair risers with the help of which it is easy to change the angle of slope of a staircase. These risers are mounted in the side elements of the supporting structure of the staircase and can fold out depending on the chosen angle of the staircase slope. The staircases are supplied already painted, with treated angles, drilled holes and with an installation manual. The only things that you’ll need are a screwdriver and a carpenter’s level. Our staircases are designed using the principle of adaptable stair risers which can change the angle of the stair slope. Because of this, they can be suitable for most rooms and mansards. The video shows how to mount the stairs
The concept of the design of stairs is the provision of the opportunity for the customer to assemble his own ladder himself. And of course, the installation manual is attached to the kit to the disassembled ladder. And if during the assembly any questions arise, we are always happy to help you by phone.

Types of our staircases

Today we have a number of different models. All models are made on the principle of “Flexitrappan” – the use of adaptive approaches, convenient assembly and modern design.

Contact us and we will find you a model that suits you.